About Us

Who we are

Welcome to our online jewellery boutique. We are the world’s leading online jewellery seller of the beautiful things made of precious stones and metals. We are selling high-quality jewellery and accessories, gold and silver watches, exquisite chains made of platinum, palladium, gold coins and bullions. We work only with ethical and sustainable jewellery manufacturers.

                                                                                                 Discover the world of precious things with Onlyway Jewelry


The company is known for producing and selling high-quality gold chains and bracelets, more than five thousand jewellery houses, shops and designers from all over the world buy our jewellery chains

We offer

Our chains and bracelets are machine-made of 9CT, 14CT and 18CT gold, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 carats, platinum 950, palladium 850 and 925 sterling silver


The product range consists of 32 types of weaving chains, of which more than 220 types of derivative chains and bracelets, 18 types of hollow chains and bracelets are made of diamond cut gold

Our mission

We aim to deliver the best experience and offer high-quality products. Collaboration with the ethical and sustainable jewellery manufacturers help us achieve thoughtful sourcing, fair wages, and give back initiatives that truly have an impact. 

If you are interested in business cooperation and wholesale jewelry purchases, we invite you to request special prices and conditions by emailing us


We collaborate with professional artists creating native jewellery and upholding traditional craft techniques and modern designers who choose their unique paths in expression. ONLYWAY Jewelry has connected the past and the future. We are dedicated to quality and style.